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Happily After [IMDB]
Directed by John Klein Glass City Films

Tristan Rochester, a young and quirky man falls head-over-heels for a young divorcee, Trisha Reynolds. Tristan feels ready to take that fateful next step, but Trisha must decide between Tristan and her jealous ex-husband, Matt, who is slowly discovering the truth about his competitor...

Winner of Gold Medal for Excellence in Film Scoring at Park City Film Music Festival - 2011


Happily After - Final Credits  

Happily After - Final Scene

Happily After - Transitions

Happily After - Happy Tristan

James Warwick [IMDB]

Directed by Arthur Fishel III

Sedona International Film Festival 2010
International Family Film Festival 2010
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

Told from the perspective of a newspaper columnist writing a story, the life of James Warwick is told beginning with his return home from WW II, his relegation to a life as a garbage man and his evening baseball games. As the story progresses, the writer finds there is much more to this ordinary man, qualities which he comes to greatly admire.

Winner of the Walt Ratterman Humanitarian Award


Opening Credits - James Warwick

Cue #7 - Remembrance James Warwick

James Warwick - Baseball Cut Remix


Chicago House - Public Service Announcement, Glass City Films

“Back To School” – Last Half of Documentary, Glass City Film

Full Metal Baby

Written by Mark Devendorf and Jason Gullifer
Directed and Animated by Jason Gullifer
Voices by Mark Devendorf and Jason Gullifer

Sunset Palms - TV Teaser


Least Favorite Love Songs Ep. 1.1, Tim John the Sketchy Dealer