HONOR  - (2013 Jeff Award for Best New Work and Best Production)
Based on the true stories of Corporal Jon Phillips, a gay corpsman during World War II in the Pacific Theatre.

Vocal – Jeff Dumas; Piano – Julian Chin

 Vocals – Jeff Dumas, Dan Riley; Piano – Julian Chin

Vocals – Jordan Phelps, Sam Button-Harrison, Kevin Webb; Piano – Julian Chin

Vocals – James Nedrud, Jon Landvick; Piano – Julian Chin

PEN – An intimate pen pal relationship creates a crisis between two men, one incarcerated and one on the outside.

Vocal – Sam Button-Harrison; Piano – Julian Chin

Vocals – Jordan Phelps, Sam Button-Harrison; Piano – Julian Chin

Book & Lyrics - DC Cathro; Vocal – Jordan Phelps; Piano Julian Chin

 Book and Lyrics by DC Cathro; Vocal – Jordan Phelps; Piano – Julian Chin

The Book of Merman  - Two Mormon missionaries ring a doorbell labeled E.M. and hilarity ensues.

Vocals – Sam Button-Harrison, Dan Gold, Piano – Justin Harner

Vocals- Libby Lane, Sam Button-Harrison, Dan Gold; Piano – Robert Ollis

Vocals – Dan Gold, Libby Lane, Sam Button-Harrison – Justin Harner

TILL- Mamie's Story – The story of the tragedy of Emmett Till and the superhuman love of his mother.

Mose - Brian Keith Thrower. Gospel Quartet 1 - Sam Button-Harrison. Gospel Quartet 2 - David Robbins. Gospel Quartet 3 - Gerald Richardson. Gospel Quartet 4 - Jhardon Dishon Milton. Music Director - Julian Chin.

Sam Button Harrison. Gerald Richardson. David Robbins. Jhardon DiShon Milton. Julian Chin - Piano.

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Leo Schwartz Robin K. DaSilva - Mamie Julian Chin - Piano